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HEY - I'm Sam!

I'm a wedding photographer who is obsessed with love and capturing love stories. (and is also obsessed with her dogs).  If you’re ready to run around fields, laugh and create photos that don't feel stiff and posed, I'm your girl.


January 8, 2024

In the heart of Virginia, Emma and Nick began their timeless journey of love at the Great Marsh Estate. Surrounded by the hues of fall, the rustic charm of the venue set the stage for a vintage romance that unfolded with nostalgia. The air, infused with the sweet scent of the season, welcomed guests to a celebration of love. To read all about Nick and Emma’s dreamy Virginia wedding day, keep scrolling (sneak peeks at the end).

As Emma and Nick celebrated their union, it was the unscripted moments that truly stood out. From stolen glances to genuine joy on the dance floor, the wedding day unfolded as a series of candid shots. These candid moments not only reflected the couple’s connection but also the beauty of the venue, providing an authentic backdrop to their timeless romance. Their wedding day became an effortless blend of cherished memories and the natural charm of the Great Marsh Estate.

The night reached its peak on the dance floor at the Great Marsh Estate. Emma and Nick, surrounded by friends and family, enjoyed a celebration that embraced the flavors of fall. Under the sky, their wedding became a testament to enduring love, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who shared in the magic of their day. Thank you Nick and Emma for allowing me to be a part of your dreamy Virginia wedding. It was a pleasure being able to capture it all! Cheers to the two of you.

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Kind Words

The experience was just incredible and overall, we could not be happier. If you’re looking for timeless, dreamy, and simply unforgettable photos, Sam is your girl! We booked her instantly to shoot our wedding next year and we seriously can not wait!” -Ashely

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HEY - I'm sam!

I have learned that I love to capture the emotion and the connection between people. I love capturing love, capturing the giggles, the snuggles, the kisses. Snatching it all into a frozen frame for you to enjoy later. I couldn't be more thankful that I get to tell love stories of all kinds for my career. And I cannot wait to tell yours